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Requirements for Coaching Iowa/USA Wrestling National Teams 2022

Requirements for Coaches to be on IOWA/USA WRESTLING National Teams Staff include but are not limited to:

1) Must have current USA Wrestling Coaches Card

2) Must have USA WRESTLING Bronze level or higher certification through the National Coaches Education Program.

3.  Must be Safesport certified.

4) Officiate or provide an official for Iowa/USA Wrestling’s State level events (Freestyle or Greco-Roman.) Official must have a current Wrestling Leader Membership.

5) All coaches must complete the Coaches Pool Application (bottom of page.) Applications are good from 2021-2024 (does not need to be done each year.)

The following point system will be used to determine coaches who have demonstrated service to Iowa/USA Wrestling.  Level of service will be used to determine coaching assignments. The point system is as follows:

A. Official at a local tournament- (see schedule) = 4 points (all day.) Two points per style. Must work the entire tournament to earn points. Points will be awarded by the host site and communicated to the coaches director.

B. Official at an Iowa/USA State Tournament = 5 points (all day, per style.) You or your club will be assigned a mat. Please contact by May 1st to receive an assignment and points for the event.

C. Assisting at a tournament = 1 pt. (video,  time / score clock, runner etc.) 

D. UWW National attendance (coaching- no point transfer) = 2 points per style. 

F. Regional Championship Attendance (coaching-no point transfer) = 1 point per style. 

G. Local Tournament Host  = 10 points.

H. Wrestling Leaders Clinic = 5 points.

A minimum of 15 points are needed to be considered for coaching assignments and a minimum of 25 points are needed to coach both styles in Fargo. 

**NOTE NEW CHANGE** Points may be earned by the individual or for the club. For example- a coach could designate an official to earn points in their place at tournaments. The official may only earn points for one club/person and its coaches. The official must have a current Wrestling Leader Membership. 

The top 3 point scorers may choose to go to one National Duals event and stay for both styles in Fargo if they so choose. Only one Coach per club may go to a singular dual event IE: Junior Duals.

3 coaches will be selected for each dual team.

Club Officials (Wrestling Leaders) must designate who (Club Coach/Club) you are scoring points for from the beginning of the FRECO season or upon the start of volunteerism. Points may not be transferred from one club to another. 

We are asking all wrestling leaders to contact local tournament hosts to confirm your plan to attend the tournament and officiate.  This will be the only way that points are awarded by the coaches director. Advance notice must be given 72 hours prior to the tournament. We need to run 3 person mechanics on every mat, at each tournament.

Iowa/USA Wrestling Coaches Pool Application

New Coaches Pool Application

This form only needs to be submitted once over the course of the four year cycle 2021 through 2024. If you have already completed the form in a previous year, send your preferences for staff assignments for the current year to  Options include:

1. Freestyle Staff

2. Greco-Roman Staff

3. Women's Staff

The new point system will determine duals coaches and doubling coaches.